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Digital + 16MM FILM
Music Videos


Producing and directing THE LIVE ROOM video series for Squeek E. Clean Studios.  The award-winning short film THE WORMWOOD HEART won numerous awards in 2022, including BEST FANTASY at the HASTINGS ROCKS 2022 Film Festival, and BEST DIRECTOR as the Fortean Film Festival, and was curated to open for Bertrand Mandico's feature AFTER BLUE (running together for three weeks theatrically in France at Cinema le Zola).  You can read an interview on my film pursuits (in French) here.  I have directed, produced, shot and edited music videos for independent artists, and 16mm film shorts for ten years.  I've produced corporate interviews and instructional videos as well as product photography for corporate projects.  I also curate and present films as an independent film programmer in Chicago.

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