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Chicago-based designer Matthew B Clark earned his BA in Graphic Design and MA in Studio Art (Multimedia), where he was awarded a full graduate teaching assistantship and won Best in Show for his work.  Ever-curious, he has since maintained a parallel lives as both a steadily-committed corporate graphic designer as well as publishing various books, albums and creative work of his own.  He has worked for the International Code Council (ICC) since 2005 as both Graphic Designer and Multimedia Developer, overseeing social media graphics, print production, web, branding and marketing campaigns, and the development and maintenance of e-learning modules.  Matthew has maintained a steady involvement in film, music and design, both personally and professionally.  Matthew also founded and managed a successful and moderately influential independent record label, with responsibility for managing all operations, production and events, for over ten years, an effort that produced seventy (70) independent releases, including vinyl records, marketing campaigns, print materials, posters, ads, music videos, and even audio mastering.  He has worked across several industries with clients in various creative capacities.  In 2018, Matthew was editor of the deluxe CATHODE LOVE book.  Currently, he is involved in pre-production for a black and white 16mm short film, and also near completion on mixing several collections of his own recordings.  The only constant is a true passion for staying busy, with a near constant pursuit of several publishing projects, film works, as well as essays on film and culture at large, short stories, film treatments, novellas, whatever calls...

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