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Graphic Designer

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Book Publisher Guy
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I'm a creative designer with over 10 years experience in agency, non-profit, and publishing environments. As graphic designer or creative director, I value unique solutions to each project's equally unique demands.  I am as experienced as a creative designer, a director of photography and even a standard print book publisher, with a broad knowledge of the needs and values of each role.  I have experience in extremely complex international music and content licensing, have edited and published books (on my own dime, so I value the way a business runs, not just take the paycheck).  Running my own record label for ten years alongside my design business, I was responsible for releasing over 70 physical and digital albums, ensuring distribution, sales, and marketing goals, not to mention managing all that branding and oversight (or the SXSW showcases I organized).  I know what it means to create a product that represents a business, and to ensure its delivery on brief, and on time. Working for the International Code Council (ICC) as both Graphic Designer and Multimedia Developer, I oversaw an entire membership organization's learning management system, updating content for users, and ensuring steadily revolving, relevant social media and print production.  Repurposing work effectively in order to address the multi-faceted needs of web, print, branding, and marketing campaigns, while ensuring development and maintenance of elearning modules taught me a lot about creative foresight.  Beyond design, I have maintained a very steady involvement in the film community and the music community, occasionally releasing new albums for people.  I was also editor and publisher of the deluxe aesthetics anthology, Cathode Love.  I am currently involved in pre-production for several short film projects.  

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